Operator LET() (Assignment)

Assigns fields of a user defined type to a list of variables

Let( variable1 [, variable2 [, ... ]] ) = UDT_var
Let( variable1 [, variable2 [, ... ]] ) => UDT_var

variable1 [, variable2 [, ... ]]
Comma separated list of variables to receive the values of the UDT variable's fields.
A user defined type variable.

Assigns the values from the UDT_var variable's fields to the list of variables.

When the UDT Extends a Base, the first variable (variable1) assigned by the operator then corresponds to a Base instance (only the other variables are those to receive the values of the data fields of the UDT).

Union is not supported.

Type Vector3D
    x As Double
    y As Double
    z As Double
End Type

Dim a As Vector3D = ( 5, 7, 9 )

Dim x As Double, y As Double

'' Get the first two fields only
Let( x, y ) = a

Print "x = "; x
Print "y = "; y

x =  5
y =  7

Type Parent
    Dim As Integer p1, p2
End Type

Type Child Extends Parent
    Dim As Integer c1, c2
End Type

Type GrandChild Extends Child
    Dim As Integer gc1, gc2
End Type

Dim As GrandChild gc = Type(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Dim As Integer i1, i2
Dim As Integer j1, j2
Dim As Parent p
Dim As Child c

Let(c, i1, i2) = gc
Print c.p1, c.p2, c.c1, c.c2, i1, i2

Let(p, j1, j2) = gc
Print p.p1, p.p2, j1, j2

 1             2             3             4             5             6
 1             2             5             6

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