Compiling the test suite

The FreeBASIC project has a suite of tests which ensure that bugs stay dead and that new bugs have a harder time of gaining a foothold.

Compiling and getting Test Results
The tests are located in the tests subdirectory within the main FreeBASIC directory. The following two commands will compile and run all the tests:
$ make unit-tests
   generates fbc-tests[.exe]

$ make log-tests
   generates failed-test-fb.log
   generates failed-test-qb.log
   generates failed-test-deprecated.log
   if all tests passed, the log file reports "None found"

Initial generation of index files will take place, followed by the compilation of hundreds of tests. Be patient, it can take a while to run all of the tests...

More testing options

Invoking with make will present the following help text:
$ make
usage: make target [options]

Targets: (using unit):

   FB_LANG=fb | fblite | qb | deprecated
   ARCH=arch (default is 486)
   FPU=fpu | sse

Targets: Configuration and Checks

Example: make all available tests
   make unit-tests
   make log-tests

Example: make obj -lang qb tests
   make log-tests FB_LANG=qb

Reporting Test Failures

If everything is working as it should, there should be no failures. If there is a failure, then it could indicate a problem with the compiler, or a particular build target. If you get failures, please consider reporting on so others can investigate.

Thank you for running the tests and contributing to make FreeBASIC a healthy compiler!

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