Basic Input

Get Information into your Program.

Input is the life of any program. If you can't get something into your program, how are you going to get anything out of it? What you will find here is the basics of how to get information into your FreeBASIC program.

Here's a very basic program that will ask for your name:

'Create a place to put the user's name
Dim As String strMyName

' Ask for the user's name and store it in the string 'strMyName'
Input "What is your name? ", strMyName

' Wait half a second
Sleep 500

' Show them their name
Print "I now know your name is "; strMyName

' Wait until someone presses a button before you exit
Print "Press any button to exit"

INPUT is the easiest way to get information from someone. They just type in some text and press Enter when they are done.

What if you you only want one keystroke? The easiest way is to use the GETKEY method. GETKEY gives you the ASCII value of a key that was pressed.

' Ask the user for input
Print "Press your favorite key:"

' Set a place to keep the ASCII value of the key
Dim As Integer strKeyPress

' Keep going until a key is pressed
    strKeyPress = GetKey    
Loop Until strKeyPress <> 0    

' Show the key the user pressed
Print "Your favorite key is: "; Chr(strKeyPress)                        
' Wait until someone presses a button before you exit
Print "Press any button to exit"

For more information check out the User Input Section.

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