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{{fbdoc item="title" value="Runtime Error Codes"}}----
Runtime error codes and messages used by the runtime library.

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Freebasic returns the following runtime error codes:
{{table columns="2" cellpadding="1" cells=" 0 ;No error; 1 ;Illegal function call; 2 ;File not found signal; 3 ;File I/O error; 4 ;Out of memory; 5 ;Illegal resume; 6 ;Out of bounds array access; 7 ;Null Pointer Access; 8 ;No privileges; 9 ;interrupted signal; 10 ;illegal instruction signal; 11 ;floating point error signal; 12 ;segmentation violation signal; 13 ;Termination request signal; 14 ;abnormal termination signal; 15 ;quit request signal; 16 ;return without gosub; 17 ;end of file"}}

No user error code range is defined. If ##[[KeyPgError|Error]]## is used to set an error code it is wise to use high values to avoid collisions with the list of built-in error codes. (This built-in list may be expanded later.)

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- ##[[KeyPgErr|Err]]##
- ##[[KeyPgError|Error]]##
- ##[[KeyPgOnerror|On Error]]##
- {{fbdoc item="keyword" value="ProPgErrorHandling|Error Handling"}}

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