Escape Sequences

Escape sequences can be used in string literals by using the operator ! .

result = !"text"

The accepted escape sequences in text are:
\a beep
\b backspace
\f formfeed
\l or \n newline
\r carriage return
\t tab
\unnnn unicode char in hex
\v vertical tab
\nnn ascii char in decimal
\&amphnn ascii char in hex
\&amponnn ascii char in octal
\&ampbnnnnnnnn ascii char in binary
\\ backslash
\(double quote) double quote
\' single quote

Note: The zero-character (\000 = \&amph00 = \&ampo000 = \&ampb00000000) is the null terminator. Only characters before the first null terminator can be seen when the literal is used as a String. To get a zero character in a string use Chr(0) instead.

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