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Returns the type of a variable.

Typeof ( variable | datatype )

A variable of any type.

Typeof is a compiler intrinsic that replaces itself with the type of the variable passed to it. It can either be used in a variable declaration (Example 1) or it can be used in the preprocessor for comparison, printing. (Example 2)

Typeof also supports passing any intrinsic data type, or user-defined type, not only variables defined as those types. Also supported are expressions, the type is inferred from the expression (much like KeyPgVar Var)

Example 1:
Dim As Integer foo
Dim As TypeOf(67.2) bar '' '67.2' is a literal double
Dim As TypeOf( foo + bar ) teh_double '' double + integer results in double
Print Len(teh_double)

Example 2:
Dim As String foo
#print TypeOf(foo)
#if TypeOf(foo) = Integer
  #print "Never happened!"

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