Sets the column when writing to screen or file

Tab( col_num )

Print Tab( column ) [(, | ;)] ...

1-based column number to move to

Tab will move the cursor to given column number when Printing to screen or to a file. Character cells skipped over between the old and new cursor positions are left unchanged.
If the current column is greater than column, then Tab will move the cursor to the requested column number on the next line. If the current column is equal to column, then the cursor will not move anywhere.

'' Using Print with Tab to justify text in a table

Dim As String A1, B1, A2, B2

A1 = "Jane"
B1 = "Doe"
A2 = "Bob"
B2 = "Smith"

Print "FIRST NAME"; Tab(35); "LAST NAME"
Print "----------"; Tab(35); "----------"
Print A1; Tab(35); B1
Print A2; Tab(35); B2

The output would look like:
FIRST NAME                         LAST NAME
----------                         ----------
Jane                               Doe
Bob                                Smith

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