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{{fbdoc item="title" value="Operator $ (Non-Escaped String Literal)"}}----
Explicitly indicates that a string literal should not be processed for escape sequences.

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{{fbdoc item="param"}}
The preprocessor non-escaped operator
The string literal

{{fbdoc item="desc"}}
This operator explicitly indicates that the string literal following it (wrapped in double quotes) should not be processed for escape sequences. This a preprocessor operator and can only be used with string literals at compile time.

The default behavior for string literals is that they not be processed for escape sequences. However, ##[[KeyPgOptionescape|Option Escape]]## in the //[[CompilerOptlang|-lang fblite]]// dialect can be used to override this default behaviour causing all strings to be processed for escape sequences.

Use the [[KeyPgOpPpEscape|! operator (Escaped String Literal)]] to explicitly indicate that a string should be processed for escape sequences.

{{fbdoc item="ex"}}
{{fbdoc item="filename" value="examples/manual/prepro/noescape.bas"}}%%(freebasic)
'' Compile with -lang fblite or qb

#lang "fblite"

Print "Default"
Print "Backslash : \\"
Print !"Backslash !: \\"
Print $"Backslash $: \\"

Option Escape

Print "Option Escape"
Print "Backslash : \\"
Print !"Backslash !: \\"
Print $"Backslash $: \\"


'' Default
'' Backslash : \\
'' Backslash !: \
'' Backslash $: \\

'' Option Escape
'' Backslash : \
'' Backslash !: \
'' Backslash $: \\

{{fbdoc item="diff"}}
- New to ""FreeBASIC""

{{fbdoc item="see"}}
- [[KeyPgOpPpEscape|Operator ! (Escaped String Literal)]]
- ##[[KeyPgOptionescape|Option Escape]]##
- [[CatPgPreProcess|Preprocessor]]
- [[ProPgLiterals|Literals]]
- [[TblEscapeSequences|Escape Sequences]]

{{fbdoc item="back" value="CatPgOpPrepro|Preprocessor Operators"}}{{fbdoc item="back" value="CatPgOperators|Operators"}}
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