Operator &= (Concatenate and Assign)

Appends and assigns a string onto another string

declare operator &= ( byref lhs as string, byref rhs as T2 )
declare operator &= ( byref lhs as wstring, byref rhs as T2 )

lhs &= rhs

The string to assign to.
The value to append to lhs.
Any numeric, string or user-defined type that can be converted to a string.

This operator appends one string onto another. The right-hand side expression (rhs) is converted to a string before concatenation. It is functionally equivalent to,
lhs = lhs & rhs
where the result is assigned back to the left-hand side string.

This operator can be overloaded for user-defined types as a member Operator using the appropriate syntax.

Note: This operator exists in C/C++ with a different meaning - there it performs a bitwise And=.
Note: Similarly to the operator '=[>]' (assign), the alternative symbol '&=>' can be also used.

Dim s As String = "Hello, "
s &= " world!"
Print s
will produce the output:

Hello, world!

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