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Operator = (Assign)

Assigns a value to a variable

lhs = rhs
or, in the QB dialect,
[ KeyPgLet Let ] lhs = rhs

The variable to assign to.
Any numeric, string or pointer type.
The value to assign to lhs.
Any type convertible to T2.

This operator assigns the value of its right-hand side operand (rhs) to its left-hand side operand (lhs). The right-hand side operand must be implicitly convertible to the left-hand side type (T1). For example, you cannot assign a numeric value to a string type; to do that, first convert the numeric value to a string using KeyPgStr Str or KeyPgWstr Wstr.
Avoid confusion with KeyPgOpEqual Operator = (Equal), which also uses the '=' symbol.
This operator can be overloaded for user-defined types.

Dim i As Integer
i = 420    ' <- this is the assignment operator

If  i = 69 Then   '<-this is the equivalence operator
  Print "ERROR: i should equal 420"
  End -1
End If

Print "All is good."
End 0

' compile with -lang fblite or qb

#lang "fblite"

Dim i As Integer
Let i = 300 ' <-alternate syntax

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