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Returns a free file number

result = Freefile

Return Value:
The next available file number.

Returns the number of the next free file number. This value is a required argument to KeyPgOpen Open a file. Freefile is useful when opening files in complex programs where the programmer can't keep track of the used file numbers.

' Create a string and fill it.
Dim buffer As String, f As Integer
buffer = "Hello World within a file."

' Find the first free file number.
f = FreeFile

' Open the file "file.ext" for binary usage, using the file number "f".
Open "file.ext" For Binary As #f

' Place our string inside the file, using file number "f".
Put #f, , buffer

' Close the file.

' End the program. (Check the file "file.ext" upon running to see the output.)

When using multiple Freefile statements, Freefile should be used immediately before the KeyPgOpen Open statement:
Dim fr As Integer, fs As Integer
fr = FreeFile
Open "File1" For Input As #fr
fs = FreeFile
Open "file2" For Input As #fs
As opposed to:
Dim fr As Integer, fs As Integer
 ' The WRONG way:
fr = FreeFile
fs = FreeFile
Open "file1" For Input As #fr
Open "file2" For Input As #fs

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