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Specifies alignment.

KeyPgType Type typename Field = { 1 | 2 | 4 }
End KeyPgType Type

A KeyPgType Type variable has its fields aligned to the word length of the system, 4 bytes presently. Field modifies the default alignment to one byte (Field 1) or two bytes (Field 2). This helps FreeBASIC maintain compatibility with structures created in other languages.

Type bitmap_header Field = 1
    bfType          As UShort
    bfsize          As UInteger
    bfReserved1     As UShort
    bfReserved2     As UShort
    bfOffBits       As UInteger
    biSize          As UInteger
    biWidth         As UInteger
    biHeight        As UInteger
    biPlanes        As UShort
    biBitCount      As UShort
    biCompression   As UInteger
    biSizeImage     As UInteger
    biXPelsPerMeter As UInteger
    biYPelsPerMeter As UInteger
    biClrUsed       As UInteger
    biClrImportant  As UInteger
End Type

Dim bmp_header As bitmap_header

'Open up bmp.bmp and get its header data:
'Note: Will not work without a bmp.bmp to load . . .
Open "bmp.bmp" For Binary As #1

    Get #1, , bmp_header
Close #1

Print bmp_header.biWidth, bmp_header.biHeight


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