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{{fbdoc item="title" value="__FB_ARGC__"}}----
Intrinsic define (macro value) set by the compiler

{{fbdoc item="syntax"}}##
{{fbdoc item="desc"}}
Substituted with the number of arguments passed in on the command line.

**""__FB_ARGC__""** is the name of a parameter passed to the program's implicit main function, and therefore is only defined in the module level code of the main module for an application.

{{fbdoc item="ex"}}
{{fbdoc item="filename" value="examples/manual/defines/fbargc.bas"}}%%(freebasic)
dim i as integer
for i = 0 to __FB_ARGC__ - 1
print "arg "; i; " = '"; command(i); "'"
next i

{{fbdoc item="diff"}}
- New to ""FreeBASIC""

{{fbdoc item="see"}}
- ##[[KeyPgDdfbargv|__FB_ARGV__]]##
- ##[[KeyPgCommand|Command]]##

{{fbdoc item="back" value="CatPgDddefines|Intrinsic Defines"}}
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