Converts a two-byte string to a Short integer variable

result = Cvshort( str )

A String at least two bytes in length with a binary copy of a Short integer variable stored in it.

Return Value:
Short variable holding the binary copy of a KeyPgShort.

Returns a 16-bit Short integer value using the binary data contained in a string of at least two bytes in length. A value of zero (0) is returned if the string is less than two bytes in length.

Cvshort is used to convert 2-byte strings created with Mkshort.

This function can also be used to convert 16-bit integer values from a memory or file buffer without the need for a Type structure. However, just as with the type structure, special care should be taken when using Cvshort to convert strings that have been read from a buffer.

Dim si As Short, s As String
s = "AB"
si = CVShort(s)
Print Using "s = ""&"""; s
Print Using "si = _&H&"; Hex(si)

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