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BYREF (parameters)

Declaration specifier to explicitly pass a parameter by reference

Passes a variable by reference, that is its address, to a subroutine or function. When a variable is passed by reference, the contents of the variable can be changed by the target subroutine or function.

In CompilerOptlang -lang qb and CompilerOptlang -lang fblite dialects, Byref is the default parameter passing convention, unless KeyPgOptionbyval Option ByVal is in effect.
Opposite of KeyPgByval ByVal.

Dim MyVar As Integer

Sub ChangeVar(ByRef AVar As Integer)
    AVar = AVar + 1
End Sub

MyVar = 1
Print "MyVar: "; MyVar 'output = 1
ChangeVar MyVar
Print "MyVar: "; MyVar 'output = 2

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