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{{fbdoc item="title" value="Default Palettes"}}----
Default color values for ""FreeBASIC"" graphics and text screen modes.

""FreeBASIC"" initializes the palette indexes with the colors in the tables below. The colors are the same as in QB. Colors in graphics mode can be changed using the ##[[KeyPgPalette|Palette]]## statement. There is no portable way of changing the palette in console mode.

**{{anchor name="SCRN1|Screen mode 1"}}**
4 colors: Black and white, and two others
**{{anchor name="SCRN2_10_11|Screen modes 2, 10 and 11"}}**
Monochromatic: black and white.
**{{anchor name="SCRN7_8_9_12_CON|Screen modes 7, 8, 9, 12, and Console"}}**
Two sets of 8 colors: normal and intense (bright)
**{{anchor name="SCRN13_8BIT|Screen 13 and 8-bit modes"}}**
Multiple color and grayscale bands

<<{{anchor name="SCRN1"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Screen mode 1"}}

{{image title="4 color palette" url="/images/pal4.png"}}

{{table columns="2" cellpadding="2" cells="Value;Name;0;black;1;cyan;2;magenta;3;white"}}

{{anchor name="SCRN2_10_11"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Screen modes 2, 10 and 11"}}

{{image title="2 color palette" url="/images/pal2.png"}}

{{table columns="2" cellpadding="2" cells="Value;Name;0;black;1;white"}}

{{anchor name="SCRN7_8_9_12_CON"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Screen modes 7, 8, 9, 12, and Console"}}

{{image title="16 color palette" url="/images/pal16.png"}}

{{table columns="4" cellpadding="2" cells="Normal Value;Normal Name;Intense Value;Intense Name;0;black;8;dark grey;1;blue;9;bright blue;2;green;10;bright green;3;cyan;11;bright cyan;4;red;12;bright red;5;pink;13;bright pink;6;yellow;14;bright yellow;7;grey;15;white"}}
<<>>{{anchor name="SCRN13_8BIT"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Screen 13 and 8-bit modes"}}

{{image title="256 color palette" url="/images/pal256.png"}}

{{fbdoc item="subsect" value="Screen 12 color band"}}

Colors 0 through 15 are the same as screen 12 mode.

{{fbdoc item="subsect" value="Grayscale band"}}
Colors 16 through 31 are grayscale from black to white.

{{fbdoc item="subsect" value="Brightness/saturation bands"}}
3 bands of decreasing brightness, each containing 3 bands of decreasing saturation, each containing 24 hues of color starting and ending at blue.

{{table columns="10" cellpadding="2" cells="Name;HB/HS;HB/MS;HB/LS;MB/HS;MB/MS;MB/LS;LB/HS;LB/MS;LB/LS;blue;32;56;80;104;128;152;176;200;224;magenta;36;60;84;108;132;156;180;204;228;red;40;64;88;112;136;160;184;208;232;yellow;44;58;92;116;140;164;188;212;236;green;48;72;96;120;144;168;192;216;240;cyan;52;76;100;124;148;172;194;220;244"}}

{{fbdoc item="subsect" value="Black band"}}
Colors 248 through 255 are black.


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