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**FreeBASIC Linux questions:**

==- {{anchor name="item1|FreeBASIC gives me an error 'ld: can't find -lX11' or something similar!"}}==
==- {{anchor name="item2|How do I install FreeBASIC in Ubuntu?"}}==

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@@**""FreeBASIC"" Linux questions**@@

{{anchor name="item1"}}==""FreeBASIC"" gives me an error 'ld: can't find -lX11' or something similar!==
""FreeBASIC"" uses ld to link its files under linux. This program requires that any libraries you use have the '-dev' versions installed. For example, for the above error message, you'd want to install xlib-dev for your distribution. Other common errors are for glibc, which requires glibc-dev, and sdl, which requires sdl-dev. Most distributions make these easily available on your install media.

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{{anchor name="item2"}}==How do I install ""FreeBASIC"" in Ubuntu?"==
See [[| This thread in the FB forums]]

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[[CompilerFAQ|Compiler FAQ]]
[[FaqPgrtlib|FB Runtime Library FAQ]]

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