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Information about the latest (and previous) FreeBASIC releases including the documentation, can be found on the forum: [[|FreeBASIC News]]

The actual documentation files can be found on ""SourceForge"".
~For the latest release, see: [[|Documentation]]
~And and for older versions, see: [[|Older versions]]

Any downloadable documentation made available is a snapshot of the [[|wiki]] available at the time of the compiler's packaged release.

The documentation is generated in five different formats (except for some of the older versions):

{{fbdoc item="section" value="FB-manual-<version>"}}
As Compiled HTML file. The CHM contains web-like pages with a tree index.
With a CHM-viever, one can easily search the documentation.
The Microsoft Windows OS includes a CHM-viever by default, but downloaded CHM files can be blocked by the OS (a CHM file can contain malicious code).
For linux there are several viewers, e.g. xCHM and ""KchmViewer"".

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Offline HTML pages (start at 00index.html)

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For the fbhelp program (QB-like help viewer). Web-like pages with no index.

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As one .txt file, e.g. for printing to paper. A linear list without index.

{{fbdoc item="section" value="FB-manual-<version>"}}
The wiki pages in their original fomat. Normally only useful if you run a ""WikkaWiki"" server.

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