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FreeBASIC Manual Downloads

Downloads links for current and previous versions of the manual.

Any downloadable documentation made available is a snapshot of the wiki available at the time of the compiler's packaged release. The following is a list of documentation that should be approximately correct for each official release of the compiler packages.

Version 1.05 Snapshots

Version 1.04 Snapshots

Version 1.03 Snapshots

Version 1.02 Snapshots

Version 1.01 Snapshots

Version 1.00 Snapshots

Version 0.90 Snapshots

Version 0.24 Snapshots

Version 0.23 Snapshots

Version 0.22 Snapshots

Version 0.21 Snapshots
Version 0.20 Snapshots
Version 0.18 Snapshots

(only CHM format)
Older Snapshots

There have actually been more releases of the docs than released versions of the compiler. If you happen to know a snapshot of the manual that is better suited for a specific version of the compiler, please update this list.

FreeBASIC v0.17b (2007.05.14)

FreeBASIC v0.16b (2006.06.19)

FreeBASIC v0.15b (2005.12.01)

FreeBASIC v0.14b (2005.07.24)

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