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Welcome to the official home of the FreeBASIC Manual.

About this wiki:
The FreeBASIC compiler is currently in active development and this wiki is updated whenever possible to document the latest version of the compiler available. Some features of the compiler documented here might not be available in the binary distributions of the compiler released at SourceForge, and may only be available when building the FreeBASIC compiler and/or runtime libraries from sources, or downloading a compiled SVN version. From time to time, this wiki is compiled and released in 4 formats as a CHM file, TXT file, DAZ file for FBHELP, and a HTML package. For a listing of releases for previous versions of FreeBASIC please see the FBWikiDownloads downloads page.

How you can help:
Have you found an error or omission on one of our pages? Please register on our forum at to get edit access to our wiki. Let us know about the error or omission by adding a comment to the page, or edit the content yourself and help contribute to the wiki. Have a look at the FBWikiHelp FB Wiki - Help page to get started.

Other FreeBASIC Resources:
Maybe the FreeBASIC manual wasn't quite what you were looking for? Check out these other FreeBASIC resources online:
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