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FreeBASIC Manual


Programmer's Guide
FreeBASIC explained.

Community Tutorials
How to learn programming, write games or use the Windows API, and more.

Community Code Library
Tips and tricks and full programs available for review.

External Libraries Index
Information and examples on third-party libraries.

Using the FreeBASIC compiler
The FreeBASIC compiler is a command line tool that generates executables from FreeBASIC source code. It doesn't come with a source code editor.
Still, IDEs specifically for FreeBASIC are available, as well as FreeBASIC support in many other IDEs and code editors.

Installing FreeBASIC | Requirements
Running FreeBASIC
Using the Command Line | Command Line Options

Debugging with FreeBASIC

Compiler Error Messages
Tools used by fbc

FreeBASIC dialects and QBASIC
FreeBASIC Internals

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