Compiler Option: -z

Sets miscellaneous or experimental compiler options.

-z < value >

Miscellaneous compiler option.

The -z compiler option sets miscellaneous, obscure, temporary, or experimental options used by the developers. There is no guarantee that these options will be supported in future versions of the compiler.

-z gosub-setjmp
Specifies that the setjmp/longjmp implementation of Gosub should be used even when the GAS backend is used. By default, Gosub will be supported in -gen gas using CALL/RET assembly instructions and in -gen gcc using setjmp/longjmp C runtime functions.

-z valist-as-ptr
Specifies that the implementation of cva_list variable argument lists and macros for variadic procedures should use a normal pointer type if the target supports it. By default, cva_list data types are mapped to gcc's __builtin_va_list data type when using -gen gcc.

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