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{{fbdoc item="title" value="Console Functions"}}----
Procedures that work with the console.

{{fbdoc item="desc"}}
These procedures provide ways to output text to the console, as well as control where and how text is output.

**{{anchor name="CONFIG|Configuring the Console"}}**
Statements that affect how text is displayed.
**{{anchor name="CURPOS|Cursor Color and Positioning"}}**
Procedures that move the cursor and change its color.
**{{anchor name="WRITING|Writing Text to the Console"}}**
Procedures that output text to the console.

<<{{anchor name="CONFIG"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Configuring the Console"}}
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgCls|CLS"}}==
Clears the entire screen or text viewport.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgWidth|WIDTH"}}==
Sets or returns the number of rows and columns of the console display.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgViewtext|VIEW PRINT"}}==
Sets the printable area of the console screen.

{{anchor name="CURPOS"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Cursor Color and Positioning"}}
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgColor|COLOR"}}==
Changes the foreground and background color of text to be written.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgCsrlin|CSRLIN"}}==
Returns the row position of the cursor.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgPos|POS"}}==
Returns the column position of the cursor.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgLocate|LOCATE"}}==
Sets the row and column position of the cursor and its visibility.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgScreenCons|SCREEN (Console)"}}==
Gets the character or color attribute at a given location.
<<>>{{anchor name="WRITING"}}{{fbdoc item="section" value="Writing Text to the Console"}}
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgPrint|PRINT"}}==
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgPrint|?"}}==
Writes text to the console.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgPrintusing|PRINT USING"}}==
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgPrintusing|? USING"}}==
Writes formatted text to the console.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgWrite|WRITE"}}==
Writes a list of items to the console.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgSpc|SPC"}}==
Skips a number of spaces when writing text.
=={{fbdoc item="keyword" value="KeyPgTab|TAB"}}==
Skips to a certain column when writing text.

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