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{{fbdoc item="title" value="Compiler Options"}}----
Command line compiler options for the fbc compiler:

{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptoptfile|@< file >"}}
- Read (additional) command-line options from the file
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpta|-a < name >"}}
- Add an object file to linker's list
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptarch|-arch < type >"}}
- Set target architecture (default: 486)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptasm|-asm < format >"}}
- Sets the assembler format for Asm block
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptb|-b < name >"}}
- Add a source file to compilation
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptc|-c"}}
- Compile only, do not link
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptcupp|-C"}}
- Do not delete the object file(s)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptd|-d < name=val >"}}
- Add a preprocessor's define
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptdll|-dll"}}
- Create a DLL, including the import library. (Same as ##-dylib##)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptdylib|-dylib"}}
- Create a DLL, including the import library
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpte|-e"}}
- Add error checking
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptex|-ex"}}
- Add error checking with RESUME support
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptexx|-exx"}}
- Same as -ex, plus array bounds and non-null-pointer checking
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptexport|-export"}}
- Export symbols for dynamic linkage
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptforcelang|-forcelang <name>"}}
- Select language compatibility, overriding #lang/$lang in code
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="compileroptfpmode|-fpmode < type >"}}
- Select between fast and accurate floating-point operations (default: PRECISE)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptfpu|-fpu < type >"}}
- Set the floating point arithmetics unit (default: FPU)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptg|-g"}}
- Add debug info
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptgen|-gen < backend >"}}
- Sets the compiler backend (default is 'gas')
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpti|-i < name >"}}
- Add a path to search for include files
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptinclude|-include < name >"}}
- Include a header file on each source compiled
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptl|-l < name >"}}
- Add a library file to linker's list
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptlang|-lang < name >"}}
- Select language compatibility: ##fb##, ##fblite##, ##qb##, ##deprecated##
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptlib|-lib"}}
- Create a static library
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptm|-m < name >"}}
- Main file without extension, the entry point (default is the first .bas file on the command line)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptmap|-map < name >"}}
- Save the linking map to file name
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptmaxerr|-maxerr < val >"}}
- Only stop parsing if <val> errors occurred
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptmt|-mt"}}
- Link with thread-safe runtime library
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptnodeflibs|-nodeflibs"}}
- Do not include the default libraries
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptnoerrline|-noerrline"}}
- Do not show source line where error occurred
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptnoobjinfo|-noobjinfo"}}
- Do not read/write compile-time info from/to .o and .a files
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpto|-o < name >"}}
- Set object file path/name (must be passed after the .bas file)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptoptimization|-O < level >"}}
- Set the optimization level (-gen gcc)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptp|-p < name >"}}
- Add a path to search for libraries
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptpic|-pic"}}
- Generate position-independent code (non-x86 Unix shared libs)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptpp|-pp"}}
- Emit the preprocessed input file only, do not compile
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptprefix|-prefix < path >"}}
- Set the compiler prefix path
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptprint|-print < option >"}}
- Let the compiler display certain information (##fblibdir##, ##host##, ##target##, ##x##)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptprofile|-profile"}}
- Enable function profiling
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptr|-r"}}
- Compile into ##*.asm/*.c/*.ll## file(s) only, do not assemble or link
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptrupp|-R"}}
- Preserve intermediate ##*.asm/*.c/*.ll## file(s) generated by compilation
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptrr|-rr"}}
- Compile into ##*.asm## file(s) only, do not assemble or link
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptrrupp|-RR"}}
- Preserve intermediate ##*.asm## files generated by compilation
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpts|-s < name >"}}
- Set subsystem (##gui##, ##console##)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptshowincludes|-showincludes"}}
- Display a tree of file names of ""#included"" files
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptstatic|-static"}}
- Prefer static libraries over dynamic ones when linking
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptt|-t < value >"}}
- Set stack size in kbytes (default: 1M)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOpttarget|-target < platform >"}}
- Set the target platform for cross compilation
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptv|-v"}}
- Be verbose
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptvec|-vec < level >"}}
- Set level of vector optimizations enabled by the compiler (default: 0)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptversion|-version"}}
- Show compiler version
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptw|-w < value >"}}
- Set min warning level: all, pedantic or a value
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptWa|-Wa < opt >"}}
- Pass options to GAS (separated by commas)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptWc|-Wc < opt >"}}
- Pass options to GCC (separated by commas)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptWl|-Wl < opt >"}}
- Pass options to LD (separated by commas)
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptx|-x < name >"}}
- Set executable/library path/name
{{fbdoc item="keyword" value="CompilerOptz|-z < value >"}}
- Sets miscellaneous or experimental options

{{fbdoc item="see"}}
- [[CompilerCmdLine|Using the Command Line]]

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