Runtime Error Codes

Runtime error codes and messages used by the runtime library.

Freebasic returns the following runtime error codes:
0 No error
1 Illegal function call
2 File not found signal
3 File I/O error
4 Out of memory
5 Illegal resume
6 Out of bounds array access
7 Null Pointer Access
8 No privileges
9 interrupted signal
10 illegal instruction signal
11 floating point error signal
12 segmentation violation signal
13 Termination request signal
14 abnormal termination signal
15 quit request signal
16 return without gosub
17 end of file

No user error code range is defined. If Error is used to set an error code it is wise to use high values to avoid collisions with the list of built-in error codes. (This built-in list may be expanded later.)

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