Comparison of integer data types: FreeBASIC vs. C/C++ (using GCC)

C int C long long [int] C long [int] FB Long FB LongInt FB Integer
32bit win32 32 64 32 (ILP32) 32 64 32
32bit linux-x86 32 64 32 (ILP32) 32 64 32
64bit win64 32 64 32 (LLP64) 32 64 64
64bit linux-x86_64 32 64 64 (LP64) 32 64 64

Some public symbols (like namespaces, and user defined type member procedures) will have data type information encoded in to the public name (also known as name mangling or name decoration). Specific mapping of data types between FreeBASIC and gcc is required when linking fbc compiled object modules with gcc compiled object modules.
Target fbc data type c data type bits
all byte signed char 8
all ubyte unsigned char 8
all short [signed] short [int] 16
all ushort unsigned short [int] 16
all long [signed] int 32
all ulong unsigned int 32
x86 integer [signed] long [int] 32
x86 uinteger unsigned long [int] 32
win64 long alias "long" [signed] long [int] 32
win64 ulong alias "long" unsigned long [int] 32
win64 integer INTEGER 64
win64 uinteger UINTEGER 64
linux-x86_64 integer [signed] long [int] 64
linux-x86_64 uinteger unsigned long [int] 64
all longint [signed] long long [int] 64
all ulongint unsigned long long [int] 64

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