Outputs a comma-separated list of values to a text file or device

Write # filenum , [ expressionlist ]

File number of an open file or device opened for Output or Append.
Comma-separated list of items to print

Outputs the values in expressionlist to the text file or device bound to filenum. The values are separated with commas, and strings are enclosed in double quotes. Numeric values greater than zero (0) and less than one (1) are prefixed with a zero (0) if none is given (e.g., a value of -.123 will be output as -0.123). Extra zeroes are truncated.

If no expression list is given, Write # outputs a carriage return (note that the comma after filenum is still necessary, even if no expression list is given).
The purpose of Write # is to create a file that can be read back by using Input #.


Const filename As String = "file.txt"

Dim filenum As Integer = FreeFile()
If 0 <> Open(filename, For Output, As filenum) Then
    Print "error opening " & filename & " for output."
    End -1
End If

Dim i As Integer = 10
Dim d As Double = 123.456
Dim s As String = "text"

Write #filenum, 123, "text", -.45600
Write #filenum,
Write #filenum, i, d, s
will produce the file:



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