Sets new view coordinates mapping for current viewport

Window [ [Screen] ( x1, y1 )-( x2, y2 ) ]

Optional argument specifying y coordinates increase from top to bottom.
( x1, y1 )-( x2, y2 )
New floating point values corresponding to the opposite corners of the current viewport. If omitted, the Window coordinate mapping is removed.

Window is used to define a new coordinates system. (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are the new coordinates to be mapped to the opposite corners of the current viewport; all future coordinates passed to graphics primitive statements will be affected by this new mapping. If Screen is omitted, the new coordinates system will be Cartesian, that is, with y coordinates increasing from bottom to top. Call Window with no argument to disable the coordinates transformation.

FreeBASIC's current behavior is to keep track of the corners of the Window, rather than a specific coordinate mapping. This means that the coordinate mapping can change after calls to View.
The Window corners are also currently taken into account when working on image buffers, so when a Window is in effect, the coordinate mapping will be different from image to image.

When there is no Window in effect, there is no coordinate mapping in effect, so the effective coordinate system is constant, independent of image buffer sizes or View coordinates (if any).

'' The program shows how changing the view coordinates mapping for the current viewport changes the size of a figure drawn on the screen.
'' The effect is one of zooming in and out:
''   - As the viewport coordinates get smaller, the figure appears larger on the screen, until parts of it are finally clipped,
''        because they lie outside the window.
''   - As the viewport coordinates get larger, the figure appears smaller on the screen.

Declare Sub Zoom (ByVal X As Integer)
Dim As Integer X = 500, Xdelta = 50

Screen 12
  Do While X < 525 And X > 50
    X += Xdelta                      '' Change window size.
    If Inkey <> "" Then Exit Do, Do  '' Stop if key pressed.
    Sleep 100
  X -= Xdelta
  Xdelta *= -1                       '' Reverse size change.

Sub Zoom (ByVal X As Integer)
  Window (-X,-X)-(X,X)               '' Define new window.
  Circle (0,0), 60, 11, , , 0.5, F   '' Draw ellipse with x-radius 60.
End Sub

Screen 13

'' define clipping area
View ( 10, 10 ) - ( 310, 150 ), 1, 15    

'' set view coordinates
Window ( -1, -1 ) - ( 1, 1 )            

'' Draw X axis
Line (-1,0)-(1,0),7
Draw String ( 0.8, -0.1 ), "X"

'' Draw Y axis
Line (0,-1)-(0,1),7
Draw String ( 0.1, 0.8 ), "Y"

Dim As Single x, y, s

'' compute step size
s = 2 / PMap( 1, 0 )

'' plot the function
For x = -1 To 1 Step s
  y = x ^ 3
  PSet( x, y ), 14
Next x

'' revert to screen coordinates

'' remove the clipping area

'' draw title
Draw String ( 120, 160 ), "Y = X ^ 3"


Window example output

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