Gets the name of a week day from its integral representation

declare function WeekdayName ( byval weekday as , byval abbreviate as long = 0, byval firstdayofweek as long = fbUseSystem ) as string

#include "vbcompat.bi"
result = WeekdayName( weekday [, abbreviate [, firstdayofweek ] ] )

the number of the day of the week
flag to indicate that name should be abbreviated
first day of the week

Return Value:
Returns the local operating system language day of week name from the weekday value 1 to 7.

How weekday is interpreted depends on the firstdayofweek parameter.

If abbreviate is true, a 3 letter abbreviation is returned, if false or omitted, the whole name is returned.

firstdayofweek is an optional parameter specified as follows:

value first day of week constant
omitted sunday
0 local settings fbUseSystem
1 sunday fbSunday
2 monday fbMonday
3 tuesday fbTuesday
4 wednesday fbWednesday
5 thursday fbThursday
6 friday fbFriday
7 saturday fbSaturday

The compiler will not recognize this function unless vbcompat.bi or datetime.bi is included.

#include "vbcompat.bi"

Dim a As Double = DateSerial(2005, 11, 28) + TimeSerial(7, 30, 50)

Print Format(a, "yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss "); WeekdayName(Weekday(a))

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