Declares a variable whose type is implied from the initializer expression

[static] Var [shared] symbolname = expression[, symbolname = expression]

Var declares a variable whose type is implied from the initializer expression. It is illegal to specify an explicit type in a Var declaration. The initializer expression can be either a constant or any variable of any type.

Note: Wstring is not supported with Var, due to the fact that there is no var-len Wstring type. This isn't likely to change, due to the complexities involved with handling Unicode.

Since the type of the variable is inferred from what you assign into it, it's helpful to know how literals work. Any literal number without a decimal point defaults to Integer. A literal number with a decimal point defaults to Double. See Literals for further information.

All Zstring expressions, including string literals and dereferenced Zstring Ptrs, will be given the String variable type.

Explicit suffixes may be used on literal variables, to change/clarify their type. See Literals and Variable Types for some more information about suffixes that can be used on literals.

Note: Suffixes must appear on the initializer, not on the variable. Trying to use Var with a variable that has a suffix will throw a compile error.

Var a  = Cast(Byte, 0)
Var b  = Cast(Short, 0)
Var c  = Cast(Integer, 0)
Var d  = Cast(LongInt, 0)
Var au = Cast(UByte, 0)  
Var bu = Cast(UShort, 0)  
Var cu = Cast(UInteger, 0)
Var du = Cast(ULongInt, 0)
Var e  = Cast(Single, 0.0)
Var f  = Cast(Double, 0.0)
Var g  = @c      '' integer ptr
Var h  = @a      '' byte ptr
Var s2 = "hello" '' var-len string

Var ii = 6728   '' implicit integer
Var id = 6728.0 '' implicit double

Print "Byte: ";Len(a)
Print "Short: ";Len(b)
Print "Integer: ";Len(c)
Print "Longint: ";Len(d)
Print "UByte: ";Len(au)
Print "UShort: ";Len(bu)
Print "UInteger: ";Len(cu)
Print "ULongint: ";Len(du)
Print "Single: ";Len(e)
Print "Double: ";Len(f)
Print "Integer Pointer: ";Len(g)
Print "Byte Pointer: ";Len(h)
Print "Variable String: ";Len(s2)
Print "Integer: ";Len(ii)
Print "Double: ";Len(id)


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