Exchanges the values of two variables

declare sub Swap ( byref a as any, byref b as any )

A variable to swap.
A variable to swap.

Swaps the value of two variables, including UDT instances (swaps all data members).

Note: When the data are referenced by a pointer, alone or within a descriptive structure (a UDT, for example), Swap only exchanges the values of the pointers or the contents of the descriptive structures without accessing data themselves.
For var-len strings, Swap only exchanges the descriptors of the strings rather than reallocate memory for exchange all strings data characters.
For UDTs, Swap simply exchanges the contents of the structures, without any operators or methods being called.

' using swap to order 2 numbers:
Dim a As Integer, b As Integer

Input "input a number: "; a
Input "input another number: "; b
If a > b Then Swap a, b
Print "the numbers, in ascending order are:"
Print a, b

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