Sets the position and visibility of the mouse cursor

declare function Setmouse ( byval x as long = -1, byval y as long = -1, byval visibility as long = -1, byval clip as long = -1 ) as long

result = Setmouse([ x ] [, [ y ] [, [ visibility ] [, [ clip ]]]])

(For each parameter, -1 is a special value indicating "no changes.")
optional - set x coordinate
optional - set y coordinate
optional - set visibility: 1 indicates visible, 0 indicates hidden
optional - set clipping: 1 indicates mouse is clipped to graphics window, 0 indicates no clipping

Return Value:
Zero (0) on success, non-zero to indicate failure.

Setmouse will set the (x, y) coordinates of the mouse pointer, as well as setting its visibility. The mouse position is set using the x and y parameters. The mouse will be visible if visibility is set to 1, and invisible if visibility is set to 0. Setmouse is intended for graphics modes initiated using the Screen (Graphics) statement only.

The error code returned by Setmouse can be checked using Err in the next line. The function version of Setmouse returns directly the error code as a 32 bit Long.

Dim As Integer x, y, buttons

' create a screen 640*480
ScreenRes 640, 480
Print "Click the mouse button to center the mouse"

    ' get mouse x, y and button state (wait until mouse is onscreen)
    Do: Sleep 1: Loop While GetMouse( x, y , , buttons) <> 0

    If buttons And 1 Then
        ' on left mouse click, center mouse
        SetMouse 320, 240
    End If

    ' run loop until a key is pressed or the window is closed
Loop While Inkey = ""

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