Sets the current system date

declare function Setdate ( byref newdate as const string ) as long

result = Setdate( newdate )

the new date to set

Return Value:
Returns zero on success or non-zero on failure on all ports except DOS.

To set the date you just format newdate and send to Setdate in a valid format following one of the following: "mm-dd-yy", "mm-dd-yyyy", "mm/dd/yy", or "mm/dd/yyyy" (mm is the month, dd is the day, yy or yyyy is the year). Two-digit year numbers are based on the year 1900.

The error code returned by Setdate can be checked using Err in the next line. The function version of Setdate returns directly the error code as a 32 bit Long.

Dim m As String, d As String, y As String
m = "03" 'march
d = "13" 'the 13th
y = "1994" 'good ol' days
SetDate m + "/" + d + "/" + y

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