Finds available fullscreen video modes

declare function Screenlist ( byval depth as long = 0 ) as long

result = Screenlist( [ depth ] )

the color depth for which the list of modes is requested (supported depths are 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32)

Return Value:
returns 0, when there are no more resolutions to read.

It works like the Dir function: the first call to the function requires the depth parameter to be specified, it returns the lowest supported resolution for the requested depth. Further calls to Screenlist without arguments returns the next resolutions. When no more resolutions are available, Screenlist returns 0.

The result of Screenlist is encoded as a 32 bit value, with the screen width as the high word and the height as the low word.

Resolutions are returned from lowest to highest supported ones.

It is safe to call this function before any graphics mode has been set.

Dim As Integer mode, w, h

Print "Resolutions supported at 8 bits per pixel:"

mode = ScreenList(8)
While (mode <> 0)
    w = HiWord(mode)
    h = LoWord(mode)
    Print w & "x" & h
    mode = ScreenList()

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