Gets the address of an OpenGL procedure

declare function ScreenGLProc ( byref procname as const string ) as any ptr

name of the procedure to retrieve the address of

This function can be used to get the address of any OpenGL procedure, to be used to retrieve the pointers to new functions associated with OpenGL extensions. If given procedure named procname cannot be found, screenglproc will return NULL (0).

'' include for some useful definitions
#include ""

Dim SwapInterval As Function(ByVal interval As Integer) As Integer
Dim extensions As String

'' Setup OpenGL and retrieve supported extensions
ScreenRes 640, 480, 32,, FB.GFX_OPENGL
ScreenControl FB.GET_GL_EXTENSIONS, extensions

If (InStr(extensions, "WGL_EXT_swap_control") <> 0) Then
    '' extension supported, retrieve proc address
    SwapInterval = ScreenGLProc("wglSwapIntervalEXT")
    If (SwapInterval <> 0) Then
        '' Ok, we got it. Set OpenGL to wait for vertical sync on buffer swaps
    End If
End If

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