Computes a valid color value for hi/truecolor modes

for fbc version < 1.08:
#define RGB(r,g,b) ((culng(r) shl 16) or (culng(g) shl 8) or culng(b) or &hFF000000)
for fbc version >= 1.08:
#define RGB(r,g,b) culng((cubyte(r) shl 16) or (cubyte(g) shl 8) or cubyte(b) or (&hFF000000ul))

result = RGB(red, green, blue)

red color component value
green color component value
blue color component value

Return Value:
The combined color.

red, green and blue are components ranging 0-255.

The RGB function can be used to compute a valid color value for use while in hi/truecolor modes. It returns an unsigned integer for fbc version < 1.08, or an unsigned long for fbc version >= 1.08, in the format &hAARRGGBB, where RR, GG and BB equal the values passed to this function, in hexadecimal format. AA is the implicit alpha value and is automatically set to &hFF (opaque).
It is possible to retrieve the red, green, blue and alpha values from a color value, by using a combination of And and Shr. The second example below shows how to #Define and use macros to do this.

Note for Windows API programmers: The macro named RGB in the Windows references has been renamed BGR in the FB headers for Windows to avoid collisions.

See Put (Graphics) example in addition.

ScreenRes 640,480,32  '32 bit color
Line(0,0)-(319,479), RGB(255,0,0) 'draws a bright red box on the left side of the window
Line(639,0)-(320,479), RGB(0,0,255) 'draws a bright blue box on the right side of the window

Sleep 'wait before exiting

'' setting and retrieving Red, Green, Blue and Alpha values

#define RGBA_R( c ) ( CULng( c ) Shr 16 And 255 )
#define RGBA_G( c ) ( CULng( c ) Shr  8 And 255 )
#define RGBA_B( c ) ( CULng( c )        And 255 )
#define RGBA_A( c ) ( CULng( c ) Shr 24         )

Dim As UByte r, g, b, a

Dim As ULong col = RGB(128, 192, 64)

Print Using "Color: _&H\      \"; Hex(col, 8)

r = RGBA_R( col )
g = RGBA_G( col )
b = RGBA_B( col )
a = RGBA_A( col )

Print Using "Red:         _&H\\ = ###"; Hex(r, 2); r
Print Using "Green:       _&H\\ = ###"; Hex(g, 2); g
Print Using "Blue:        _&H\\ = ###"; Hex(b, 2); b
Print Using "Alpha:       _&H\\ = ###"; Hex(a, 2); a

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