Reads values stored with the Data statement.

Read variable_list

Reads data stored in the application with the Data command.

The elements of the variable_list must be of basic types, numeric, strings or elements of arrays and user defined types.

All the Data statements in the program behave as a single list, after the last element of one Data statement is read, the first element of the following Data statement will be read.
The program should not attempt to Read after the last Data element. The results are (in all dialects) undefined, and the program may crash (Page Fault).

Data constants can only be of simple types (numeric or string). A string read into a numeric variable will be evaluated by the Val function.

The "Restore label" statement makes the first Data item after label the next item to be read, allowing the user to choose specific sections of data to be read.

' Create an array of 5 integers and a string to hold the data.
Dim As Integer h(4)
Dim As String hs
Dim As Integer readindex

' Set up to loop 5 times (for 5 numbers... check the data)
For readindex = 0 To 4

  ' Read in an integer.
  Read h(readindex)

  ' Display it.
  Print "Number" ; readindex ; " = " ; h(readindex)

Next readindex

' Spacer.

' Read in a string.
Read hs

' Print it.
Print  "String = " + hs

' Await a keypress.

' Exit program.

' Block of data.
Data 3, 234, 4354, 23433, 87643, "Bye!"

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