Specifies a procedure having external linkage.

Public Sub procedure_name [Cdecl|Stdcall|Pascal] [Overload] [Alias "external_name"] [([parameter_list])] [Constructor [priority]] [Static] [Export]
..procedure body..
End Sub

Public Function procedure_name [Cdecl|Stdcall|Pascal] [Overload] [Alias "external_name"] [([parameter_list])] [ byref ] as return_type [Static] [Export]
..procedure body..
End Function

In procedure definitions (forbidden at declaration line level), Public specifies that a procedure has external linkage, meaning its name is visible to external modules. If Public or Private is not specified, a procedure is defined as if Public was specified.

Private Sub i_am_private
End Sub

Public Sub i_am_public
End Sub

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