Plots a single pixel

PReset [target ,] [STEP] (x, y) [,color]

specifies buffer to draw on.
indicates that coordinates are relative
(x, y)
coordinates of the pixel.
the color attribute.

target specifies buffer to draw on. target may be an image created with ImageCreate or Get (Graphics). If omitted, target defaults to the screen's current work page.

(x, y) are the coordinates of the pixel. STEP if present, indicates that (x, y) coordinates are relative to the graphics cursor position. If omitted, (x, y) are relative to the upper left-hand corner of target. The x and y coordinates are affected by the last call to the View (Graphics) and Window statements, and respect the current clipping region as set by the View (Graphics) statement.

color specifies the color attribute. If omitted, color defaults to the current background color. See Color. color is graphics mode specific, see Color and Screen (Graphics) for details.

Screen 13

'Set background color to 15
Color , 15

'Draw a pixel with the background color at 10, 10
PReset (10,10)

'Draw a pixel with the background color at Last x cord +10, Last y cord +10
PReset Step (10,10)

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