Maps coordinates between view and physical mapping.

declare function PMap ( byval coord as single, byval func as long ) as single

result = PMap( coord, func )

An expression indicating the coordinate to be mapped.
The mapping function number to be applied to given coordinate.

Return Value:
The mapped coordinate value.

This function converts a coordinate between view (as defined by the Window statement) and physical (as set by the View (Graphics) statement) mappings. Depending on the value of func, expr is used to compute a different mapping to be returned by PMap:

func value: return value:
0 Treats expr as x view coordinate and returns corresponding x physical coordinate.
1 Treats expr as y view coordinate and returns corresponding y physical coordinate.
2 Treats expr as x physical coordinate and returns corresponding x view coordinate.
3 Treats expr as y physical coordinate and returns corresponding y view coordinate.

ScreenRes 640, 480
Window Screen (0, 0)-(100, 100)
Print "Logical x=50, Physical x="; PMap(50, 0)   '' 320
Print "Logical y=50, Physical y="; PMap(50, 1)   '' 240
Print "Physical x=160, Logical x="; PMap(160, 2) '' 25
Print "Physical y=60, Logical y="; PMap(60, 3)   '' 12.5

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