Operator Not (Complement)

Returns the bitwise-not (complement) of a numeric value

result = Not rhs

The right-hand side expression.
Any numeric or boolean type.

Return Value:
Returns the bitwise-complement of its operand.

This operator returns the bitwise-complement of its operand, a logical operation that results in a value with bits set depending on the bits of the operand.
(for a boolean type, 'Not false' returns 'true' and 'Not true' returns 'false')

The truth table below demonstrates all combinations of a boolean-complement operation:

Rhs Bit Result
0 1
1 0

This operator can be overloaded for user-defined types.

' Using the NOT operator on a numeric value

Dim numeric_value As Byte
numeric_value = 15 '00001111

'Result = -16 =     11110000
Print Not numeric_value

' Using the NOT operator on conditional expressions
Dim As UByte numeric_value1, numeric_value2
numeric_value1 = 15
numeric_value2 = 25

If Not numeric_value1 = 10 Then Print "Numeric_Value1 is not equal to 10"
If Not numeric_value2 = 25 Then Print "Numeric_Value2 is not equal to 25"

' This will output "Numeric_Value1 is not equal to 10" because
' the first IF statement is false.
' It will not output the result of the second IF statement because the
' condition is true.

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