Acquires a mutex

declare sub Mutexlock ( byval id as any ptr )

Mutexlock( id )

The any ptr handle of the mutex to be locked.

Mutexlock halts any other threads using a mutex "handle", generated by Mutexcreate, until the handle is unlocked with Mutexunlock.
Such a halted thread has its execution suspended and does not consume any CPU time until the mutex is unlocked.

See Mutexcreate for more general information on mutexes.

See also the examples in Mutexcreate and also Threadcreate.

'Example of mutual exclusion for synchronization between 2 threads
'by using 2 Mutexes only (by self lock and mutual unlock):
'The Producer works one time, then the Consumer works one time.
'Principle of synchronisation by mutual exclusion
'(initial condition: mut#A and mut#B locked)
'          Thread#A              XORs              Thread#B
'Do_something#A_with_exclusion          MutexLock(mut#A)
'MutexUnlock(mut#A)                       Do_something#B_with_exclusion
'.....                                  MutexUnlock(mut#B)
'MutexLock(mut#B)                       .....


Dim Shared produced As Any Ptr
Dim Shared consumed As Any Ptr
Dim consumer_id As Any Ptr
Dim producer_id As Any Ptr

Sub consumer ( ByVal param As Any Ptr )
    For i As Integer = 0 To 9
        MutexLock produced
        Print , ",consumer gets:" ; i
        MutexUnlock consumed
        Sleep 5
    Next i
End Sub

Sub producer ( ByVal param As Any Ptr )
    For i As Integer = 0 To 9
        Print "Producer puts:" ; i;
        MutexUnlock produced
        MutexLock consumed
    Sleep 5
Next i
End Sub

produced = MutexCreate
consumed = MutexCreate
If ( produced = 0 ) Or ( consumed = 0 ) Then
    Print "Error creating mutexes! Exiting..."
End If

MutexLock produced
MutexLock consumed

consumer_id = ThreadCreate ( @ consumer )
producer_id = ThreadCreate ( @ producer )
If ( producer_id = 0 ) Or ( consumer_id = 0 ) Then
    Print "Error creating threads! Exiting..."
End If

ThreadWait consumer_id
ThreadWait producer_id

MutexDestroy consumed
MutexDestroy produced


' 'Threadcreate' launches one time the user-defined Sub in a separate execution thread
'    (which runs simultaneously with the rest of the main code).
' If you want obtain a periodically display from the thread,
'    you must put (into the thread) a [Do...Loop] block with a 'Sleep x' to adjust the display period
'    and a flag to exit the loop (and terminate the thread).
' Warning:
' - Each thread has not its own memory of cursor position, so for that and other reasons, it is mandatory
'      to apply an exclusion between displaying from the main code (main thread) and displaying from the user thread,
'      by using a 'Mutex' ([Mutexlock...Mutexunlock] block).
'   At beginning of each display block both into main thread and user thread,
'      the initial cursor position must also be re-initialized.
' - The input keywords (like keyboard, mouse) cannot be safely run when the screen is locked,
'      therefore a such keyword must be outside of any [Screenlock...Screenunlock] block (outside this block in its own thread,
'      and protected of block of another thread by a 'Mutex').
' See below a rustic program, but showing all these constraints:

Dim Shared As Any Ptr sync   '' pointer to Mutex
Dim Shared As Byte quit = 0  '' flag to end user thread
Dim As Any Ptr handle        '' pointer to thread handle

Sub ProcedureThread (ByVal param As Any Ptr)  '' param not used in thread body
        MutexLock(sync)       '' Mutex for exclusion of displaying
            ScreenLock        '' keyword after Mutexlock
                Locate 1, 70  '' re-initialize cursor position
                Print Date
                Locate , 71
                Print Time;
            ScreenUnlock      '' keyword before Mutexunlock
        MutexUnlock(sync)     '' end exclusion
        Sleep 100             '' ajust display period
    Loop Until quit <> 0      '' test for exit thread
End Sub

Screen 12
Locate 1, 62
Print "Date:"
Locate , 62
Print "Time:";
Locate 15, 20
Print "Mouse (position):"
Locate , 20
Print "Mouse (buttons) :";
Locate 30, 2
Print "<any_key> or <click on window close button>: exit";

sync = MutexCreate                          '' create Mutex (before Threadcreate)
handle = ThreadCreate(@ProcedureThread, 0)  '' launch thread

Dim As String s
    MutexLock(sync)                     '' Mutex for exclusion of displaying
        Dim As Integer x, y, b
        GetMouse x, y , , b             '' keyword outside [Screenlock...Screenunlock] and protected by Mutex
        ScreenLock                      '' keyword after Mutexlock
            Locate 15, 37               '' re-initialize cursor position
            Print Using "######"; x; y
            Locate , 43
            Print Using "##"; b;
        ScreenUnlock                    '' Keyword before Mutexunlock
        s = Inkey                       '' keyword outside [Screenlock...Screenunlock] and protected by Mutex
    MutexUnlock(sync)                   '' end exclusion
    Sleep 10                            '' ajust display period
Loop Until s <> ""
quit = Not quit     '' order thread end
ThreadWait(handle)  '' wait for thread end
MutexDestroy(sync)  '' free Mutex

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