Writes text to the default printer.

Lprint [ Using formatstring,] [expressionlist] [(, | ;)] ...

String specifying the output format.
List of variables to output according to the specified format.

Prints expressionlist to the printer attached to the parallel port LPT1, or if it does not exist, to the default printer. To print to a printer different from the default one, use OPEN LPT.

The Using clause formats expressionlist according to formatstring. Except an UDT, any data type can be passed to Lprint expressionlist, expressions do not need to be first converted to strings.

Using a comma (,) as separator or in the end of the expressionlist will place the cursor in the next column (every 14 characters), using a semi-colon (;) won't move the cursor. If neither of them are used in the end of the expressionlist, then a new-line will be printed.

Some printers will not print at all until a Chr(12) (End of Page) character is printed.

Internally, FreeBASIC uses the special file number -1 for printing using Lprint. This file number may be safely closed using Close -1. The next use of Lprint will automatically reopen it as needed.

'' Compile with -lang fblite or qb

#lang "fblite"

'' new-line
LPrint "Hello World!"

'' no new-line
LPrint "Hello"; "World"; "!";


'' column separator
LPrint "Hello!", "World!"

'' end of page
LPrint Chr$(12)

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