Error handling statement to set the current error handler

On Local Error Goto label

The Local clause in an On Error construction allows to define an error handler in the same Sub or Function the On Local Error is in.

Remark: Presently, the Local clause (authorized only inside Sub/Function) is ignored by the compiler, and the error handler can be either in the scope of the same procedure the On [Local] Error is in, or in the main part of the module (if defined before the procedure).
Exception if -gen gcc is used: when the On [Local] Error is inside a Sub/Function, the error handler also must always be inside that same procedure.

'' compile with -lang fblite or qb

#lang "fblite"

Declare Sub foo

Print "ok"

Sub foo
  Dim errno As Integer
  On Local Error Goto fail
  Open "xzxwz.zwz" For Input As #1
  On Local Error Goto 0
  Exit Sub
fail:                  ' here starts the error handler
  errno = Err
  Print "Error "; errno      ' just print the error number
End Sub

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