Returns the file position where the last file read/write was performed

declare function Loc ( byval filenum as long ) as longint

result = Loc( filenum )

The file number of an open file.

Return Value:
The file position where the last read/write was performed.

Returns the position where the last file read/write was performed.

The position is indicated in records:
In files opened FOR RANDOM the record length specified when file was opened is used
In text files (FOR INPUT|OUTPUT|APPEND, a record length of 128 bytes is supposed.
In files opened for BINARY a 1 byte record length is used.

In FreeBASIC the file position is 1 based, the first record of a file is record 1 (Loc=1 after reading or writing the first record, Loc=0 for the start position in the file).

When used with a serial device, Loc returns the number of bytes waiting to be read from the serial device's input buffer.

Dim b As String

If Open Com ("com1:9600,n,8,1,cs,rs,ds,bin" For Binary As #1) <> 0 Then
  Print "unable to open serial port"
End If

Print "Sending command: AT"

Print #1, "AT" + Chr(13, 10);

Sleep 500,1

Print "Response:"

While( LOC(1) > 0 )
  b = Input(LOC(1), 1)
  Print b;

Close #1

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