Changes the current video display page

declare function Flip ( byval frompage as long = -1, byval topage as long = -1 ) as long

Flip [ frompage ] [, topage ]

previous page
new page to display

Return Value:
Returns zero (0) if successful, or a non-zero error code to indicate a failure.

In normal graphics mode, Flip is an alias for PCopy and ScreenCopy. See ScreenCopy for details.

In OpenGL mode, Flip does a hardware page flip and displays the contents of the backbuffer. It is recommended that you call Flip regularly while in OpenGL mode, otherwise your app may also become unresponsive.

The error code returned by Flip can be checked using Err in the next line. The function version of Flip returns directly the error code as a 32 bit Long.

ScreenRes 320, 240, 32, 2    'Sets up the screen to be 320x240 in 32-bit color with 2 video pages.
ScreenSet 1,0                'Sets the working page to 1 and the displayed page to 0

For n As Integer = 50 To 270

    Circle (n, 50),50 ,RGB(255,255,0) 'Draws a circle with a 50 pixel radius in yellow on page 1
    Flip 1,0    'Copies our circle from page 1 to page 0

    Sleep 25

Print "Now wasn't that neat!"
Print "Push any key."
Flip 1,0    'Copies our text from page 1 to page 0

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