Specifies a type which inherits a Wstring behavior

Type|Union typename Extends Wstring [, base_typename]
End Type|Union

Extends Wstring declares typename to inherit properties and behaviors of a Wstring. Purpose is to allow users to create custom string types (with i.e. dynamic memory management) that can integrate well in to existing fbc compiler built ins (good interoperability with fbc's Wstring type).

This declaration of such a UDT with a suitable Cast operator will instruct compiler to convert the UDT to a Wstring (in addition, other suitable operators as Let, [] (Pointer index), Len, ..., can be also declared).

Wstring behaviour can be inherited directly, or indirectly and singly from a base-type.
Wstring behaviour can be inherited by a UDT also extending base_typename (a kind of pseudo multiple-inheritance).

Note: By declaring a type (directly or indirectly) as Extends Wstring (in addition to defining a suitable Cast operator only), this promotes it fully compatible even with Strptr/Sadd, Lset/Rset, and Select Case, but currently not yet with the built in functions Val/Valint/Vallng/Valuint/Valunlg and Left/Right.

See Extends Zstring for similar examples.

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