Control flow statement to exit a compound statement block

Exit {Do | For | While | Select }
Exit {Sub | Function | Operator | Constructor | Destructor | Property }

Exit {Do [, Do [ , ...] ] |
For [, For [ , ...] ] |
While [, While, [...] ] |
Select [, Select [ , ...] ] }

Leaves a code block such as a Sub, Function, Operator, Constructor, Destructor, Property, Do...Loop, For...Next, While...Wend, or a Select Case block. The execution skips the rest of the block and goes to the line after its end.

Where there are multiple Do / For / While / Select blocks nested, it will skip to the end of the innermost block of that type. You can skip to the end of multiple blocks of that type by giving the word multiple times, separated by commas.
For example: Exit While, While

'e.g. the print command will not be seen

    Exit Do ' Exit the Do...Loop and continues to run the code after Loop
    Print "I will never be shown"

Dim As Integer i, j
For i = 1 To 10
    For j = 1 To 10
        Exit For, For
    Next j
    Print "I will never be shown"
Next i

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