END (Block)

Indicates the end of a compound statement block.

Used to indicate the end of the most recent code block.

The type of the block must be included in the command: one of Sub, Function, If, Select, Type, Enum, Scope, With, Namespace, Extern, Constructor, Destructor, Operator, or Property.

Ending a Sub, Function, If, Select, Scope, Constructor, Destructor, Operator, or Property block also closes the scope for variables defined inside that block. When the scope is closed, variables defined inside the scope are destroyed, calling their destructors as needed.

To end a program, see End (Statement).

Declare Sub checkvalue( n As Integer )

Dim variable As Integer

Input "Give me a number: ", variable
If variable = 1 Then
Print "You gave me a 1"
Print "You gave me a big number!"
End If

Sub checkvalue( n As Integer )
Print "Value is: " & n
End Sub

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