Specifies character format of a text file

open filename for {Input|Output|Append} Encoding "utf-8"|"utf-16"|"utf-32"|"ascii" as [#]filenum

filename for {Input|Output|Append}
file name to open for Input, Output, or Append
Encoding "utf-8"|"utf-16"|"utf-32"|"ascii"
indicates encoding type for the file
unused file number to associate with the open file

Encoding specifies the format for an Unicode text file, so Winput # and Print # use the correct encoding. If omitted from an Open statement, "ascii" encoding is the default.

Only little endian character encodings are supported at the moment.
  • "utf8",
  • "utf16"
  • "utf32"
  • "ascii" (the default)

'' This example will:
'' 1) Write a string to a text file with utf-16 encoding
'' 2) Display the byte contents of the file
'' 3) Read the text back from the file
'' WSTRING's will work as well but STRING has been
'' used in this example since not all consoles support
'' printing WSTRING's.

'' The name of the file to use in this example
Dim f As String
f = "sample.txt"

  Dim s As String
  s = "FreeBASIC"

  Print "Text to write to " + f + ":"
  Print s

  '' open a file for output using utf-16 encoding
  '' and print a short message
  Open f For Output Encoding "utf-16" As #1

  '' The ascii string is converted to utf-16
  Print #1, s
  Close #1
End Scope

  Dim s As String, n As Integer

  '' open the same file for binary and read all the bytes
  Open f For Binary As #1
  n = LOF(1)
  s = Space( n )
  Get #1,,s
  Close #1
  Print "Binary contents of " + f + ":"
  For i As Integer = 1 To n
    Print Hex( Asc( Mid( s, i, 1 )), 2); " ";

End Scope

  Dim s As String
  '' open a file for input using utf-16 encoding
  '' and read back the message
  Open f For Input Encoding "utf-16" As #1

  '' The ascii string is converted from utf-16
  Line Input #1, s
  Close #1

  '' Display the text
  Print "Text read from " + f + ":"
  Print s
End Scope

Text to write to sample.txt:

Binary contents of sample.txt:
FF FE 46 00 72 00 65 00 65 00 42 00 41 00 53 00 49 00 43 00 0D 00 0A 00 

Text read from sample.txt:

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